Terms & Conditions

When You Register with FST You Accept the Following:

1- Payment of transportation fees shall be made for the full semester before the beginning of each Semester.  Payment can also be paid in 3 installments for each semester as per given due dates. Students who fail to make payment before the due dates will not be allowed to board the Bus/Van.

2- In case a parent wishes to stop using our transportation services, a 4 weeks’ notice period shall be given. No refund shall be given shall the notice be less than 4 weeks, and all refund requests are subject to our approval. There are no refunds for holidays, study breaks, medical breaks, government breaks, or any type of breaks within the Academic Year.

3- The student ID must be available at all times with the student as it will be used to identify the student and their payment status.

4- All recipes will be sent to the parent email registered with IMAS. Parents are advised to safely keep all receipts and proof of payment for transportation services, shall the need arise to show evidence in case of a dispute. (Sometimes these emails will be in the spam emails, please move them to the inbox and whitelist the sending email).

5- Parents are allowed to choose the seat for their kids upon making full payment. Van seats are meant to be shared (13-18 students each van, depending on the size).

6- Any damage caused by a student to the chairs, windscreens, and inner body of the vehicle, the respective parents bear the responsibility to cover the cost of repair.

7- The school has the right to request the transportation provider to stop students from boarding the Bus/Van. No refund will be issued for such cases.

8- Students who come late to the Bus/Van in the morning or the afternoon will not be entertained. We may arrange for a Grab car to pick up the student in the afternoon if he/she misses the Bus, and the cost shall be borne by the parents.

9- If a student misbehaves while on the Bus and carries out dangerous actions; the bus will stop, and the parent shall collect his/her misbehaving child from that point. For students' code of conduct, kindly refer to the school’s transportation policy.

10- Transport will only be provided to a NEW location with a minimum of 10 students (van) or 20 students (bus), With adjusted fare.

11- Our Buses/Vans will not enter places that are difficult to enter.

12- Students who shift house will be relocated to another Bus/Van, with the condition that transportation and seats are available. Parents are advised to check with the Firdaus Subhan Transport management before shifting.

13- In case of an accident on the road, if there is any medical cost, it is to be borne by parents. Firdaus Subhan Transport will assist to claim from the insurance company only.

14- Firdaus Subhan Transport will be responsible to compensate transportation costs in the event the student is not picked up on time by the driver from the pickup point, with valid proof. Firdaus Subhan Transport bears no responsibility for any other cost.

15- Safety of boarding and disembarking from the Bus is the responsibility of the parents.

16- FST has the right to request additional payment in case of an increase in fuel prices or a change in the number of students to that specific destination. FST has the right to suspend students if parents fail to make the additional payment