Transport Registration

Before You Register...

Dear Parents, please look at our Service Terms & Condition (STC), pricing policy and pricing before following up with bus/van shuttle registration. It is important to note that although we try to make the prices as affordable as possible, there are several factors that may force us to change the pricing per student. 

Pricing Policy

The prices are based on:

If any of the above conditions changes during the course of an academic year (such as the number of students or a government fuel surcharge increase), FST has the right to adjust the prices and request additional payment.

Bus shuttle fare rates are cheaper than van shuttle fare rates, however, a minimum of 25 students are required to be registered to the same destination in order for us to provide a bus.

To register a student, parents need to pay:

Busses & Vans Shuttles Fair Rates & Details

The fares below indicate the fare per semester; 


Registration Process

People of Interest (For Registration)

FST Transportation officer 1

FST Transportation officer 2